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Welcome to the Learn.je Frequently Asked Questions page!

We have compiled a list of detailed responses to some of the most common queries about our programs, educators, and future plans.

We hope you find the answers helpful and informative as you consider joining our educational community.

If you cannot find the information you’re looking for, or if you have more specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Our summer programmes are designed for children and young people aged 7 to 16 years old.

Children can expect a wide range of activities tailored to ignite their passion for knowledge and zest for life. Activities include hands-on experiments, team-building exercises, creative projects, leadership training, and digital skills workshops, with a strong emphasis on STEM activities including Python coding, JAVA, and robotic programming.

Our sessions are structured to blend academic excellence with real-world applications. Each week focuses on a different theme, facilitated by industry professionals and guest speakers. We incorporate experiential, inquiry-based, and project-based learning to ensure holistic development, with a significant focus on STEM education.

Our educators are industry professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields, including STEM teaching faculty who specialise in coding and robotics. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise, ensuring that students receive high-quality, relevant education.

The summer programs span five weeks, from July 22nd to August 23rd. Each week is dedicated to a specific theme:

Week 1: Science and the Natural World
Week 2: Sustainability, Environmental Protection, and Global Citizenship
Week 3: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
Week 4: Design, Technology, and Creativity
Week 5: Project Week: Places of the Future

Yes, we have a strong focus on digital skills. Our programs include activities such as basic computer literacy for younger children and advanced topics like Python coding, JAVA, and robotic programming. Digital proficiency and safe digital practices are key outcomes.

Safety is our top priority. We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, conduct enhanced DBS checks on all staff, and have strict safety protocols in place. Our partnered school – St Michael’s Preparatory School provided us with a safe and secure environment for all activities.

We adopt a dynamic learning approach that caters to various learning styles. Our programme includes hands-on activities, experiential learning, and project-based tasks to engage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. We also integrate mindfulness learning and practices to support emotional well-being.

We aim to expand our online learning offerings to make education accessible to a broader audience. Our future plans include developing interactive online courses, virtual classrooms, and a comprehensive digital resource library to support lifelong learning.